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CMS Orchestra 2018/19 Concert Schedule

October 25,26,27,28            7th & 8th  grade only All State auditions (Optional but highly recommended), 
Sign up due date - September 27

Saturday, October 13            7th grade only  String clinic-concert (Mandatory - attendance and performance                                               is graded)
9:15a.m. – 3:00p.m.               Portage West Middle School

Friday, October 12                 8th grade only  Broadway concert 
Rehearsal at 1:00pm
Concert  4:00pm
Concert  7:00pm                             
                                              PCHS Blue room 1153

Saturday, December 1            8th grade only  POP concert
Blue room 1153
Rehearsal at 1:00pm
Concert  4:00pm
Concert  7:00pm  

Wednesday,  December 12     8th grade only Collage concert(during school hours)
9:30 A.M. CHS auditorium

Thursday, December  13         6th7th, 8th grade  Winter concert
7:00p.m.  CHS Auditorium

Wednesday, February 20       6th,7th, 8th grade Pre-Festival concert
7:00p.m. CHS Auditorium

Thursday, March 14                  7th and 8th   Festival/workshop
3:00p.m. PCHS auditorium

Saturday, April 20                   7th and 8th grade Solo and Ensemble (place TBA) – optional

Thursday, May 16                     8th grade only   Spring concert
7:00p.m. PCHS Auditorium

Tuesday, June 4                       6th and 7th grade Spring concert
7:00p.m. CHS Auditorium